Clean & Seal Ductwork

Customer: U.S. Navy
Contract Award: $329,380

clean and seal ductwork

Contract Number: N40085-14-C-6805
POP: 20-Oct-2014 to 31-May-2015

Burgos Group was contracted to perform all duct cleaning maintenance and sealing services for a system that consisted of twelve (12) air handler units in a building that contains various sizes of supply and return ducts that contained approximately 7800 linear square feet of ducting.

We employed NADCA certified personnel to clean and seal the HVAC systems and to apply a rubberized coating systems for fiber ductwork. During the process, we discovered a significant mold problem that required extensive remediation. We began with air quality testing by an industrial hygienist, one treatment to remove mold from approximately 270 diffusers, the affected air handlers and ducting, and the application of a chemical shield to inhibit mold growth.