Construct Exterior Pull-up Bars

Customer: DHS/TSA/Federal Air Marshal Service
Contract Award: $22,103

Contract Number: HSTS07-10-P-00198
POP: 10-Sep-2010 to 10-Nov-2010

As the prime contractor, Burgos Group provided all labor and materials for the replacement of eight pull-up bars. We removed existing pull-up bars, discarded off-site and relocated the mulch bed portico. Burgos Group ensured the pull-up bar assembly was centered on the concrete pad and the posts had 4” x 4” steps attached to each side to provide an 18” step on one side and a 24” step on the opposite side of each pull-up bar opening. We poured a 12’ x 50’ x 4” thick concrete pad over 2” of stone butting against the existing concrete walkway with proper saw cut reliefs to keep the concrete from cracking.