Electric Plug-in Vehicles Infrastructure Project

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (District New York)
Contract Award: $ 1,395,030

electric vehicle charging stations cabinet

Contract Number: W912DS-13-C-0010
POP: 28-Dec-12 to 20-MAY-14

This project involved the installation of the underground infrastructure, electric vehicle charging stations, and power at buildings 2415, 3001, and 3002 at McGuire Air Force Base. Additional scope included site investigation, underground utility location, trenching, buried conduit, conductors, overload protection, service disconnects, devices boxes, and electrical devices. Connections were made at existing infrastructure termination points and extended to charging stations. Installation required trenching through existing concrete walkways, parking lots, and curbs. Repair and replacement of concrete and asphalt was included in the scope. Pouring of new concrete pads for equipment and concrete encasement of underground duct banks were required. Burgos Group self-performed all design and management requirements in addition to site restoration. Subcontracted trades included earthwork, concrete, and electrical.

Burgos Group employs the same quality control practices on all of our projects. Because of this, we have a remarkable track record of success. We always strive to keep a consistent management team on all of our projects. Both our field superintendent and project manager remained in place from start up through close out. At the start of each project, a Quality Control Plan is designed to stress our project organizational structure, identify the testing labs, create a testing log, submittal procedures, re-work items procedures, and the three-phase inspection process. Burgos Group prepares a Quality Control Plan for every project regardless if it is a required submittal or not.

Another attribute of our management team that leads to outstanding performance is effective and frequent communication. Throughout each phase of the construction process, team updates and communication with all participants including contractor, subcontractor and Government personnel were made via construction and tailgate meetings, impromptu incident meetings, formalized commissioning, close out reviews and rolling punch lists updates. All projects undertaken by Burgos Group follow a similar structure.

This project was completed on time. Burgos Group credits our on-site and project management team as major contributors to our excellent completion rate. Our management team has repeatedly demonstrated a unique aptitude to identify issues of design or field conditions that will negatively impact the schedule. In doing so, delays are minimized if not completely avoided.

This project required the temporary closing of sidewalks, rerouting of pedestrian traffic, and temporary loss of parking spaces—all necessary inconveniences to the customer. Communication and adherence to the project schedule minimized such inconveniences. Performing to schedule allowed the government’s building operation personnel to provide ample advanced notice to building occupants of the temporary closures, and allowed for alternative flow of traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) to be efficiently implemented.

One contract modification was made at no cost to the government. The modification extended the contract completion date to accommodate design changes requested by the government. Burgos Group was able to forgo any requests for additional funding due to the fact we were at or ahead of schedule, properly reviewed the scope of work presented during the bidding phase, and managed our subcontractors throughout the project.