Carderock Buildings 11 & 12 Facility Upgrades

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (District Philadelphia)
Contract Award of project: $4,000,000 IDIQ; Task Order: $317,434

facility upgrades

Contract Number: W912BU-13-D-0024-0003
POP: 10-Oct-2014 to 19-Dec-2014

Type of service: SATOC for Repair/Replacement and Construction Contracts anywhere within the geographic boundaries of the Philadelphia District.

Task Order 3:
In Building 12, work included the construction of a new library area on the Mezzanine level and the replacement of ceiling tiles and carpet in the area. Additionally, Burgos Group built out the 1st floor high bay area to create a Power and Energy Evaluation Lab, which included new HVAC equipment in order to meet required cooling loads.

In Building 11, we constructed a new conference room on the 2nd floor. Plus, we installed five (5) tons of additional HVAC equipment in the basement lab of B12 to meet new cooling load requirements.

Burgos Group provided all labor, material, equipment, and supervision to perform the demolition, renovation and make buildings complete and ready for use.

Challenges faced include the requirement for the facility to remain occupied during construction. As with any such requirement, Burgos Group had to ensure safety of all occupants and maintain building security at all times. Because the buildings were occupied, work was restricted to a single phase per building at a time and we had to ensure surrounding workers and equipment were protected at all times.