Renovate Building 665 Tronsrue Marksmanship Center

Customer: USACE, Philadelphia District
Contract Award: $2,397,440

construction support
construction support

The project involved Building 665 on the U.S. Military Academy at West Point NY. The site of the work was on a military reservation and all rules and regulations issued by the Commanding Officer covering general safety, security, and sanitary requirements, etc., were observed by Burgos Group.

Burgos Group provided the following: replaced entire roof and exterior windows. Site work included storm drains, inlets, curb work, concrete slabs, and asphalt, line painting, storm pipe jetting and video, and water table inspection ports. Interior work included selective HVAC, mechanical and electrical work as well and repair and replacement of finishes in accordance with the design plans and specifications. We also installed security fencing with barbed wire.