Repair Elevated Water Storage Tank

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (District Philadelphia)
Contract Capacity: $4,000,000 IDIQ; Task Order: $1,797,377

elevated water storage tank

Contract Number: W912BU-13-D-0024-0001

Type of service: SATOC for Repair/Replacement and Construction Contracts anywhere within the geographic boundaries of the Philadelphia District.

Task Order 1:

Even though a Notice to Proceed was issued in December of 2013, this project has been postponed at the customer’s request because another water storage tank was under repair. This other tank has to come on line before this one is taken off-line to perform the repair.

This work requires several special requirements. First the scaffolding had to be designed by a special engineer and the installation certified before use. Second, the personnel assigned to perform work on the inside of the tank must be confined-space certified. Finally, a special epoxy paint suitable for potable water storage is required inside the tank.

The project scope includes the following tasks:

  1. Sandblast the interior and exterior of the elevated water storage tank
  2. Repair climbing system cable, replace missing vent cap
  3. Prime and paint interior/exterior of tank and supports
  4. All inspections must be performed while the tank is in service by divers capable of performing required inspections
  5. Maintain cathodic protection anodes and repair/adjust cathodic protection rectifier.
  6. Disinfect interior of water tank
  7. Provide a 35% design & specifications to show, painting specs, painting spec, vent cap detail and climbing system repair detail, elevation and plan