Building 56 Concrete Repair Work

Customer: DOT/Federal Aviation Administration
Contract Award: $68,971

concrete repair work

Contract Number: DTFACT-11-C-00024
POP: 6-Sep-2011 to 16-Feb-2012

Burgos Group was contracted by the FAA to provide construction services in the Hazardous Waste Containment Area of Building 56 at the William J. Hughes Technical Center just outside Atlantic City, NJ. Burgos Group was responsible for providing all labor, equipment and materials in order to repair, refurbish and repaint the damaged concrete stall ramps, floor cracks, walls; and concrete bases of support column in the Hazardous Waste Containment Area.

The scope of work included repairing cracked and/or damaged concrete, surface preparation of the floor prior to shot blasting, shot blasting and cleanup, priming, painting and sealing floors, walls and support beam bases, and applying reflective tape to all six support columns. Materials utilized included high performance epoxy coating, industrial floor coating, and epoxy concrete sealer. Cylinder testing was required to prove that necessary strength was met for all concrete work. Burgos Group was also responsible for providing air ventilation and dust control. Air quality control measures were taken to monitor the indoor air quality during priming, painting coating and application of sealant.

Surface preparation was provided as specified. Federal, State and FAA Safety Standards were adhered to during the entire performance of the project. Burgos Group was required to adhere to FAA Section 01560 Environmental requirements during the entire course of the project. Additionally, Burgos Group adhered to all specified ASTM, ACI and NJDOT requirements.