Unaccompanied Personnel Housing, Referral and Furnishings Management

Customer: U.S. Air Force
Contract Award: $1,530,505

furnishings management - US Airforce

Contract Number: FA4801-11-C-0002
POP: 1-Oct-2010 to 30-Sep-2015

Burgos Group provides program management and logistics support for the Furnishings Management Office, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing and the Housing Referral Office at Holloman AFB, NM. We provide direct support to over 600 unaccompanied airmen, both permanent and transient temporarily assigned training students. We also support visiting dignitaries, the Wing Commander, and Firefighting personnel. Contract reports are submitted directly to the Civil Engineering staff. Contract responsibilities include management and maintenance of a significant inventory of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), facilities that include nine dormitory buildings and a large warehouse, operation of material handling equipment, truck operation and maintenance and interface with Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS).

We support numerous customer meetings and briefings up to the Wing Commander and Major Command levels. We perform all Housing Referral Office (HRO) functions including collection of data on local housing opportunities, briefing inbound military personnel on their housing choices, and responding to DOD-wide data calls in support of housing allowance determinations. Burgos Group manages workforce hours to meet demanding schedule of several hundred junior enlisted customers (E-1 through E-3). We routinely respond to senior level customers up through GS-14 and O-6, meet weekly with COR, manage safety and quality programs, prepare for and participate in weekly status meetings, prepare briefings and plans for improvement programs, provide budget inputs and identify unfunded requirements to customer. We develop monthly reports and metrics for squadron, wing and command level review and reporting.

This program also requires the considerable movement of equipment and furnishings between facilities on a large military installation. This effort requires multiple inventories of equipment and facilities requiring staff to maintain running inventories, and conduct annual physical inventories. Burgos Group is responsible for the procurement of furnishings and appliances for the Wing. We identify requirements, budget for supplies, services and equipment, and provide financial requirements to our AF customer. Our personnel order, receive, checkout, store, transport, install, repair and dispose of furnishings and appliances. We also Conduct facility inspections, train tenants on rules and regulations, the use of the KeyTrak system, and the operation of basic appliances.

We provide two key positions – the Dormitory Superintendent and the Housing Referral Specialist. We provide a skilled logistics manager who oversees warehouse functions and manages the furnishings inventory. Burgos Group has skillfully managed personnel replacements through our standard approach to recruitment and retention. We have earned consistent improvement on service ratings on CPARs and with direct customer feedback using quality surveys.