Preventive Maintenance – Fire Pumps

Customer: U.S. Air Force
Contract Award: $232,077

preventive maintenance

Contract Number: FA4484-15-P-0015
POP: 1-Oct-2014 to 30-MAR-2020

Burgos Group was awarded this contract to provide preventive maintenance, repair, service and certification of fire pumps and related drive engines/motors in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. The work includes periodic load testing, certifications and maintaining all load testing permits and documentation for the pumps listed under this contract. We will also perform inspections, overhauls, and repairs of all systems and accessories listed under this contract, including field service that provides, but is not limited to annual oil, filters (oil and air) and coolant changes, shop repairs, maintaining proper levels of coolants, oils and lubricants. Diesel engine batteries (16 each) will be replaced in September 2016 for the pumps listed under this contract. The five-year fire pump flow testing will also be completed before 30 September 2016. All testing and certifications will be scheduled and coordinated with the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and the JB MDL Lakehurst (LKE) Fire Department.

In addition to preventative maintenance described above, we repair all mechanical, electrical, control, and safety deficiencies as a result of the preventative maintenance, inspection, testing, certification and load testing procedures on fire pumps, switches and controllers, and related drive engines/motors listed on this contract. We ensure all minor repair work will commence within two to three business days of customer approval and that all repair work is completed within two business days for minor repairs or seven days for major repairs. However, our goal is to keep equipment downtime to a minimum.

Finally, in the event that a fire pump fails or malfunctions, we will respond, within one (1) business day, to service calls 24 hours per day, 365 days per year upon notification by the customer. Once repaired, we conduct preventative maintenance, calibration, repair and resets of the defective fire pump.