Burgos Group is committed to conducting its business operations with high ethical standards and in full compliance with all laws, both foreign and domestic.  We continually improve and enhance our ethics and compliance program by monitoring evolving risks and benchmarking best practices in our company, our industry and the global business community.  Burgos Group strives to implement a well-balanced program integrated across business functions.  In so doing, Burgos Group has instituted a Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program.  The program includes policies addressing areas of professional conduct relating to Burgos Group services including areas such as Federal Claims Act, anti-corruption, insider trading and more.  These provisions reinforce Burgos Group’s commitment to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  The program details the high expectations we set for employees’ behavior, from our commitment to good citizenship to zero-tolerance policy on corruption.  Our policies apply to our employees, officers, and to any others who act on Burgos Group’s behalf.  Employees who violate Burgos Group policies are subject to disciplinary action


Burgos Group holds itself to high standards of ethics that goes beyond compliance with the law.  Burgos Group’s commitment is to “do what’s right when no one is looking.” It enforces the staff to be honest about the way we do things.  Burgos Group has developed policies that work to ensure our employees have the tools and knowledge to adhere to them.


As a federal contractor, Burgos Group is required to adopt standards of conduct and to establish internal controls and self-policing to ensure that operations are conducted with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. While the general rule is to avoid any action that could create a perception of dishonesty or preferential treatment, our government contracts set forth a number of specific prohibitions and restrictions.  When awarded a government contract, Burgos Group knows it is responsible to comply with these prohibitions and restrictions.

Burgos Group employees working on government contracts are expected to be familiar with all contract terms and requirements and to adhere to those requirements without exception. Burgos Group employees are encouraged to obtain guidance from supervisors and senior management, including the President & CEO for any questions regarding Burgos Group’s legal obligations.   Any questions or requests for guidance in a particular situation should be referred to the Vice President, Operations.

When servicing a government contract, Burgos Group provides accurate, current, and complete disclosure of all related financial activities. Burgos Group maintains accounts and records and provides financial reports to government officials that meet the reporting requirements of Burgos Group’s contracts and applicable laws.


Burgos Group expects its subcontractors and third parties to operate with the highest ethical standards and respect for all laws, rules and regulations that govern their business and the business they conduct on behalf of Burgos Group.  Burgos Group shares its Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program policies and training presentation with its subcontractors and reasonably expects their compliance, commitment and support in fulfilling all of our ethical values at Burgos Group.


Burgos Group provides an overview of its standards of business conduct and equips employees to recognize and react to situations that may require ethical decision making, including disclosure.


Burgos Group expects employees and business partners to report known or suspected misconduct involving Burgos Group, even if they are in no way involved with the misconduct itself. The company can only do something about misconduct if it knows about it.  Concerns can be emailed to

Our NAICS Codes

236210 – Industrial Building Construction
236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
237310 – Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
237990 – Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

238210 – Electrical contractors and other wiring installation contractors
238390 – Other Building Finishing Contractors
493110 – General Warehousing and Storage
541310 – Architectural Services

541330 – Engineering Services
541340 – Drafting Services
541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

561110 – Office Administrative Services
561210 – Facilities Support Services
561730 – Landscaping Services
562910 – Remediation Services
541620 – Environmental Consulting Services